Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Where Is Sharlinie?

Sharlinie Mohd. Nasyar, a 5-yar old Malay child, has been missing since Jan. 9. The poor Sharlinie is suspected to be abducted and is presently believed to be in danger.

Police are on an extensive nationwide search for the child. MIC and Celcom also stepped in to give a back-up in alerting the public about the abducted Sharlinie.

This morning, I received a SMS sent out by Celcom to its subscribers. Very touching, the message serves to solicit help to be on lookout for Sharlinie.

This was the first time I received this nature of alert message. What a wonderful public service by Celcom.

Let's all pray for Sharlinie!


Anonymous said...

The more one imagines what will happen to these kids, the more one fears. Our of desperation for what if not money, anything and everything could be possible. It is very scary. It is times like these when we need a miracle. Send these kids home.

Bengbeng said...

a sad reflection of the present times

oldie but goodie said...

Kids should not be overpampered and overprotected. Some parents will tell them not to do this and not to do that or such and such will happen! In the end, they become useless scaredy cats! Teach them to be street-smart!!! And be more responsible parents!!! I saw a child being knocked down by a car because the mother was busy fussing with her hair. Luckily, by some miracle, the kid was not hurt! And how often do we see parents talking away...and paying no attention whatsoever to their kids?