Monday, January 7, 2008

Sibu Is Heated Up With Chinese New Year's Ambience

In Chinese culture, red colour is symbolic of great fortune. As such, culturally, the colour plays an integral part in Chinese. This feature is especially prominent in Spring Festival.

In essence, red is the festival colour of Chinese New Year. The legendary belief is that red will drive off evil spirits and ill fortune., bringing blessings to those who put it on.

Sibu is getting heated up with Spring Festival ambience. A lot of shops have started putting on decorations to signify the onset of the grand festival.

Decorative items are creative in designs and affordable in pricing - thanks to China for churning out cheap products for the benefit of the world market.

Just take a stroll in Sibu market and you easily get stirred up!


Anonymous said...

Ah...a change of topic. Nothing like a sense of celebration in the air minus the beng ! beng ! beng !


oldie but goodie said...

Think of the pollution! Think of the global warming, the acid rain!!! It has been banned in Singapore for decades...and the obedient Singaporeans always toe the line...most of the time!

Tony Hii said...

Anonymous, I enjoyed so much beng! beng! beng! during my childhood and teens!

Oldie but goodie, we all have to learn to be more restrained.