Thursday, January 24, 2008

Preserving Cultural Values Of Chinese New Year

The footsteps of Chinese New Year are drawing near. The spirit of Spring Festival is rising, albeit a bit slow this time due to the dented sentiment of consumers at large.

New Year goodies are in plenty for shoppers in the market now. It is a lot of fun shopping for goodies. As I walk through the market, my childhood memories flow back. My mom used to take me along when she went for new year shopping. It was so very good time tagging after my mom on this sort of occasion.

Come to think of it, kids nowadays are much less excited about Chinese New Year. This has got to do with social change in well-being and cultural degeneration. The trend is worrisome and we really have to beef up instiling cultural values into the younger groups.

Let's work towards preserving the essence of the cultural values of Chinese New Year as we celebrate the occasion.

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