Thursday, January 17, 2008

Mukah - A Star On The Rise

This morning, I went to Mukah with two colleagues on a one-day business trip.

Ever since our CM crossed over to Mukah about 5 years back and has since been elected as its ADUN, Mukah has been rising fast. It is now glittering with prospects, giving a very optimistic outlook to the division.

Our CM has been renowned to possess a golden finger - he reputedly gave mighty touches to his constituencies to transform them miraculously.

When Taib made a dramatic switch to Mukah, overnight he turned it into a shining star, making land owners jump ceiling-high.

Another astute politician reputed to possess golden touch is Tan Sri Dr. George Chan. His low-keyed style quietly brought up Miri to overtake Sibu.

Sibu has to adopt a spirit of emulation more aggressively in the race in order to catch up!

Keropok undang Mukah - a speciality of Mukah.

Tebaloi - another well-known product of Mukah.


Anonymous said...

It is easy for them of course because they belong to Barisan Nasional which controls everything and anything including money, lots of money.

Mee Ling said...