Sunday, January 27, 2008

Lanterns And Chinese New Year

Lanterns play an important and irreplaceable role in Chinese long history, and they symbolize the brilliant culture of China.

As verified by historians, Chinese lantern was the earliest invented portable illumination instrument in the world. Therefore, lanterns signify light and hope in Chinese culture.

Ancient lanterns were folk craftwork. At present, great changes have taken place in the skills of making lanterns so that they work better in decoration.

In this modern age, lanterns are no longer used for lighting up. But their cultural values continue to be upheld. During festivals and on auspicious occasions, lanterns have a significant role to play in decoration.

Yesterday I spent a good one hour to put up new year decorations using lanterns at the entrance porch. The lighted lanterns are a constant reminder to me of the heritage of our culture.


Bengbeng said...

they look very nice

Anonymous said...

Sometimes traditions can be a hindrance.