Friday, January 11, 2008

Kuching Talk- It Focuses On Sibu This Time

It is still oven-baked hot! The latest issue of Kuching Talk has just been released and it is going to take Sibu to a greater exposure.
Sibu has been spurring on tourism, hoping for the industry to flourish in order to better develop the central region. This is a far-sighted perspective, considering that the central region is blessed with diverse culture and rich nature which altogether make the region an excellent ecotourist spot.
This issue of Kuching Talk focuses on Sibu, hoping to create more awareness among foreign tourists of the central region.
Sibu has potentials in going much further in tourism industry with more efforts. However, if laxity persists, then Sibu would likely be dragged behind much more in the years to come.
Sibuians, let's all face up to the challenge!


oldie but goodie said...

1st of all, get those people repairing the roads to work faster! Especially the road to airport! Such a bad impression to visitors upon arrival! We'd be lucky to see ONE person working on any find day! JKR (Jangan Kerja Rajin) boss, better resign lah! Get Ting Pek King to do it - sure ahead of schedule!

Secondly, the police should nab those cars double-parked along the narrow streets!!! Another bad impression! Sibu people no discipline, never observe laws!

As far as the town looking nice and clean, no negative comment! Thumbs up! Definitely better than years ago when Sibu was reputed to be the dirtiest town in Sarawak, when pedestrians ruled the streets etc etc etc...

Anonymous said...

It looks like that short stretch of road is worked on purposely. Are they widening it ? Are they putting a pipe underground ? Are they creating another road ? It is not only being worked on. The part that is supposed to be untouched is now damaged by trucks and heavy vehicles. And this has been going on for coming to a year or is it one year. Yet, it is not completed. That is the trouble. There is no proper planning. It is like it is being done out of somebody's wimps and fancies. Look at the potholes. Looks at the rocks. Why ? Sibu got so much money to simply waste away, is it ?

The PDRM is too scared of Sibu's gangsters which everyone knows.
Old section of the town is sadly neglected. Maintainence only happens in the richer part of town. There is not even maintainence actaually. We are very good in making something. We don't know how to maintain and make sure it functions for a long time.

I think Ting Pek King should be our next Minister of Works for Malaysia.

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