Saturday, January 5, 2008

Chua Soi Lek Took A Gamble - And He Lost It

After the sex DVDs flooded the market in JB on Dec. 29, Datuk Seri Dr. Chua sought an audience with Pak Lah on Dec. 31.

I have no idea at all what transpired between the two. Consequently, on the New Year's day, Chua stunned the whole of Malaysia by admitting to it, saying he would leave his fate to PM and MCA's president.

Then the whole episode took a dramatic turn on Jan. 2 when Chua announced his resignation from all posts in the cabinet and party.

When the video clip was divulged to the public in an apparently calculated set-up, Soi Lek was confronted with two options.

Firstly, he could make an outright denial, claiming that it was a conspiracy using image planting to disgrace him.

Alternatively, he just made a straightforward admission.

Dr. Chua is an astute politician, knowing very well the high risks involved in taking the first option. No one could be positively sure what was up in the schemers' sleeve. Denying to it might end up in more disgraceful exit for him.

A clear-cut confession could earn him a chance.

But Datuk Seri Dr. Chua misjudged the degree of tolerance that our government has towards moral misconduct by the cabinet members. When he chose to admit, he was playing a game of chance which he lost shortly.


traveller said...

Do you think he gambled? I felt more like he was asked to say so. Knowing that the tops in his own MCA have been trying to get rid of him, he would know the answer beforehand. So perhaps it was a misjudgement

Anonymous said...

I judged him. I forgive him. I am angry with him. I think he can never be the people's leader anymore. He thought that if he came out clean, unlike Bill Clinton, he would still have a fighting chance. But may be that few months of having the VCD has caused him to think over and over again. May be this was his last fighting chance and that was why he gave up easily. He could have stayed on until elections. But I would want him to step down after that. Just that the fear is may be his supporters will re-elect him again. It could be such a bad blackmail tactic that he decided to end it once and for all. He was looking for a reassurance from his people saying that he could stay on. And when he knew the reaction from his own people, he knew it is better to step down. I was thinking that why not he say something like he is not well and he cannot continue on as the Minister of Health. But then of course he does not want the nightmare of being blackmailed following all through the days of his life. If you think that MCA has harmed him, it has harmed itself too. MCA is now broken into pieces. For the Chineses who still want to support Barisan Nasional, they can go to alternate parties like Gerakan. While I am judgemental over him, I am also judgemental over others who only know how to preach to others but never know how to do it themselves. I am judgemental over extramarital affairs by others but are never reported by the mass media. How many politicians does Malaysia have who still think that morality is important ? Just look at our very own V.G. At least for him , people say it is alright because he is divorced. But does divorce gives him the right to fun around ? Yet V.G. is a Catholic while Dato Chua is not. So it is very sad. The people whom you expect will not do such a thing in the end did it and you feel stupid because he betray your trust on him. Politicians who only are power crazy will not care about any other thing, other than power. That is why they say it is alright. For us who are not power crazy, we say it is not alright. Morality is part of being a human. Probably behind the scene, there is a bigger conspiracy. For all you know, may be it is the other component of the Barisan Nasional that just want to purposely upset the MCA. Therefore if you know of anyone in the mass media, please let him or her to report fairly.

Anonymous said...

at this moment this point of view is still a matter of conjecture or speculation... my two cents worth :)


Tony Hii said...

Traveller, anonymous,

But we are all living in a world of speculations with reasoning.

The rakyat did not unseat Datuk Seri Dr. Chua. The pressure came from the bosses.

Politics is also a game of chance.