Friday, January 4, 2008

Chng Shyue Chung In Sibu

A popular local artiste Chng Shyue Chung is in Sibu at the invitation of Wong Nai Siong Secondary School to sing at the school's fund-raising concert scheduled to be held tonight at Civic Centre.

Coming together with Shyue Chung is Liew Yen Yen, a female pop singer renowned locally.

Chng Shyue Chung made his name in 1980s when he hit the local market with his mighty vocal. His unique musical style earned him fame that made him well liked until today by local fans.

When he arrived at Premier Hotel this afternoon with his entourage, I grabbed the opportunity to have a snapshot with this long-lasting famed singer.

I wish Chng Shyue Chung a continuing flourishing singing career.

Group photo - he is as popular as ever!

A snapshot with Chng Shyue Chung.
Chng and Liew posing together with the organisers for photoshooting.

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