Saturday, December 8, 2007

SHEDA Home & Properyu 2007

SHEDA Home & Property 2007 - a venue for sellers to meet buyers.
ICT Shopping Complex - Sarawak's largest one-stop ICT hub.

Fascinating antique car on display in the exhibition hall for photoshooting use in conjunction with World Miss Tourism Pageant.
Investment opportunities in UK lands.

SHEDA came back to Sibu on Dec. 6 for a 4-day straight Home & Property 2007 at Sibu Trade Exhibition Centre to showcase the latest real estate opportunities.

My keen interest in real estate took me there for a round to catch up with the market trend.

It was around the lazy noon time and, as such, the crowd was scanty. I noticed that certain booths were not even manned, making the whole place look a bit sketchy. Some workers took time off and ate away in their respective booths, leaving visitors wandering away. They really could have taken turns to break off to srerve visitors better.

Among all,ICT Shopping Complex stood out and aroused my interest. Promoted as Sarawak's largest one-stop ICT hub, the concept of the property is quite creative. Strata-titled with 80 units for sale, ICT Shopping Complex promises better than average rental income and strong capital growth potential. Located at Jalan Tabuan Laru, Kuching and competitively priced, the property seems to be an attractive investment.

Visiting SHEDA exhibition is one quick way to be in touch with the market. It is definitely worth your while to pop over for a visit.

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