Sunday, December 30, 2007

MAF of Sibu East District - Hand-over of Duties

This afternoon , MAF of Sibu East District held its final meeting for the out-going committee and the maiden meeting for the in-coming committee at The Masland Methodist Church. During the meeting, duties were handed over to the new guards in the gracious name of our God.

During the three-year tenure of chairmanship, I was blessed with the heartfelt guidance of DS Rev. Kong and Rev. Wong Tuong Toh. The committee members who walked hand- in- hand with me had been most unfailing in shouldering all aspects of duties, making the running smooth and steady. I truly owe a word of gratitude to them. Not forgetting, of course, is to praise God for taking us through these years.

In the name of our God, I hope the new line-up would take MAF of Sibu East District to a greater height in 2008.

The above is a snapshot of the out-going committee with DS Rev. Kong - together we served Lord!

The new line-up for 2008 with DS Rev. Kong and Rev. Lau Hui Tat - they are standing close to each other to face a challenging year ahead.


Anonymous said...

You know, I am thinking. Supposing if all Christian leaders small and big including politicians are to allow the Holy Spirit to take over, wouldn't it be exciting to see God's works in Sibu and imagine how the town and the people will be ? It will be a heaven on Earth. Well, just an imagination. I suppose this is what you call a spiritual idealism. But with God, nothing is impossible. Tell you what. If God were to work greatly, I would expect the following.
All gangsters become born again Christians.
No more Mat Rempits.
No corruption definitely.
Neighbours respecting neighbours.
Fairness reigns.

Oh well. Come back to reality. Not everyone will receive Jesus. So we who are Christians will have to be the kind of people that God wants us to be. To treat everyone the way God treats us whether we believe in Him or not.

Peaceful 2008 to you and all.


oldie but goodie said...

To whom it may concern - live your faith! "Whatever you do unto the least of your brethren, you do unto Me," and let he who is wothout sin cast the first stone - do not tell your brother to remove the speck of dust from his eye, go and remove the one in your own first. ...And a Happy and Prosperous New Year, 2008 to you Tony, and your family. May God's blessings shower upon you all 24-7-366 (Next year's a leap year!).

Tony Hii said...

Anonymous, oldie but goodie,

We are all duty-bound to show care and concern to our society. Let's also pray hard for Sibu - for its spiritual well-being, social orders, welfare, racial harmony and love for each other.

With that, I take the opportunity to wish you A Happy New Year.

And be reminded of the Countdown 2008 at Sibu Town Square and Big Big Bang Countdown at Premier Hotel. It's going to be an extravaganza!

traveller said...

Tony, it seems that you read Mandarin, so I assume that you were educated in Chinese during primary school. But you write excellent English. How did you manage to learn English like that in our local secondary schools (I doubt if we have one like that in Sibu, or even with such a good English teacher)? Did you acquire the skill while in Australia, just for that several years in your college? I hope you may share with us your secret.

Tony Hii said...

Traveller, thank you for your comment. I may share my experience in my blog.

Anonymous said...

I thought of spending the new year eve's elsewhere but the air ticket is not worth the short trip. So here I am at home. No, I would not be in the town square because it is more fitting for those young physically and young at heart. Actually it is drizzling as I am writing this. No, I would not be in some air cond place because it is a bit pricey. So I will be in the internet before and after 12 midnight. I don't have the instant messaging service or else we could chat. So I will surf around.

oldie but goodie, it is a judgemental spirit that differentiates between what is right and what is wrong, what has been done and what has not been done. Without a judgemental spirit, we are as good as sleeping away.

During Christmas, the SIB church organized a concert with the theme " A city of love ". I assume that this prophecy will come to pass when I have to walk with the aid of a walking stick.

Anyway, salute to all who have genuinely try to develop Sibu town in whichever way.