Thursday, December 13, 2007

Flood Havoc Continues In Sibu

The onslaught of this natural havoc on Sibu should not actually arouse fuss over it in any way. All Sibuians got to put hands together to lend a caring hand to the victimized folks who are now in a terrible plight. But it is the unthoughtful planning and negligence in discharge of entrusted duties that breed the utmost frustration among Sibuians.
Sibu's flooding condition had gone from bad to worse last night, aggravated partly by the heavy down-pour in Kapit yesterday and the deluge here in Sibu last night.

The floods turned our life into disorder. For a start, we have to provide in-house accommodation to 35 staff members in order to maintain our operations intact. They are all from the worst-hit spots!

The taxi service in Sibu is in a semi-paralytic state, with the Sibu Taxi Station partly submerged in water. Our guests are practically deprived of their service.

Sin Chew Daily is located in the worst-hit Jalan Lanang. As such, its delivery has been held up by the flooding until 9:00 am. But our dear guests extend their understanding to the interruption.

Wading through water is certainly not that pleasant, but they are so helpless - young and old, they got to do it together because they have no choice!
Sorting out Sin Chew Daily for dear guests - we are three hours late, but they are all very understanding.


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Oldie but goodie said...

"Unthoughtful planning and negligent discharge of duties"??? You're getting nearer to the root of the problem. You may have the best of plans...but if the execution is shoddy, not properly done, it will all be of no use. In running a big hotel, you should know...and that's why you may need to run here and there all the time to see that things go well. But I think politicians here do not dare to make too much noise lest they will not garner enough votes in the next election. For instance, would they dare suggest the resettlement of the people living in the congested, unhealthy, slum-like areas like Tiong Hua, Tong San, Bukit Assek??? I don't think so.

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