Friday, December 14, 2007

Ecumenical Christmas Carolling In Flood-Affected Sibu On Dec.15

Floods seem to be striking back!
The Masland Methodist Church presents a boat-shaped float to take part in the Ecumenical Christmas Carolling.
A creative Christmas tree presented by Mafrica Corporation Sdn. Bhd. at Sibu Town Square.
A grand Christmas tree decorated by SMC at the grandstand of Sibu Town Square.

This year's Ecumenical Christmas Carolling, an annual grand procession organised by ACS (Association of Churches, Sibu Branch), is to go ahead tonight as scheduled despite a likely come-back of the just subsided floods in Sibu.

If the flooding swings back, then the carolling procession inevitably has to wade through water, making it a fascinating experience for the carollers.

The procession is expected to comprise 5000 church members, all with one heart to sing out joy to the world that the Lord has come!

I partook in the past few years of the Christmas carolling. This time, I am going to pull Yian and Pauline along to join in the procession to let them sing to the Sibuians also.

As we set to carol around the town, we are going to fill the air with festive mood and proclaim good news to the onlooker crowds.


oldie but goodie said...

Well, didn't somebody criticise the top brass for spending money on such activities, neglecting to take care of the welfare of the people? True,all the money spent could have been used to help the poor, the flood victims and so on...but should that be left to the authorities alone? Organisations, clubs, welfare societies and even hotels can take the initiative to raise funds to lend a hand. Very often, the armchair critics will just sit and criticise left, right and centre...and they are the ones who never lift a finger to help their brothers in times of need.

Anonymous said...

hey, u have taken great pics. a great blog u have here :)

traveller said...

the english version here (chinese version at swan sibu).

we better spend this 400000000 ringgit on how to retain the water in sibu. create another version of venice. we don't need those sinking roads any more. dig the roads and convert them into canals like venice where no cars are found. we would be absolutely environmental friendly. we live in harmony with the nature, without going against the will of the nature.

dikes? soon they will be sinking and we need more ringgit to fix it. the break of the dikes will give you danger without warning, whereas current version of flooding still gives us a little warning since the flood came gradually

Tony Hii said...

Oldie but goodie, most of the dear Sibuians humbly shy away from camera when they extend out their caring hands. Their modesty is most noteworthy!

Benbeng, thank you for your visit and comment. Please feel free to give your views.

Traveller, your views are noted.

Anonymous said...

Mr. Hii,
Please send my salute to the carolling group that goes round on a very rainy night, carrying with them colourful lights and umbrellas and a Kenari leading the way. I think this group shows its' commitment to carrying out what is planned despite all odds and to achieve the ultimate purpose and that is to spread the good news of the salvation of Jesus Christ. God bless this group who just walked past my house which saw the heaviest of all floods in my life.