Saturday, November 24, 2007

Service upgrading on Streamyx Service

I have been experiencing frustrating interruption in Streamyx service and, out of bitterness, I called up Telekom to check on the condition.

My query was met with a swift reply: We are currently upgrading Streamyx service. You may call Streamyx Centre in KL at 1300889515 for further details.

Our Streamyx Service has plenty of room for improvement. To propel our country to a greater height economically as well as in international recognition, this is one of the aspects that our government have to address to seriously with no further delay. I hope the present upgrading is a positive step towards raising the standard of service of Streamyx.

My blogging has almost been crippled by the service upgrading.


steamxyz said...

I experienced the same shortcoming last week with Streamyx Service. It seems like they are upgrading service all the time but the service is still down all the time. Sometimes I wonder why they named their service Streamyx, it always exsists only in steamy air...

Tony Hii said...

To bring Malaysia's streamyx service to the forefront of the world-class standard, one source tells me that TM has to make a capital investment of a staggering RM15 billion. Apparently, TM is not quite prepared to fork out this sum! As such, poor Malaysians have to live with substandard Streamyx service.

Recently when I was in KL, I was being informed that some Korean investors expressed great astonishment at the quality of our internet access.

If we don't act with seriousness now, seriousness will creep in in no time.