Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Granddaughter of 3rd White Rajah stops over in Sibu

Dayang Muda Celia Margaret Brooke, the granddaughter of Betram Brooke, stopped over in Sibu and took a three-hour break at Premier Hotel whilst in transit from Kapit to Kuching yesterday afternoon.

I had the honour to be granted a 30-minute light moment of chatting with Dayanf Muda and Melisa North, the Lady in Waiting over a cup of coffee in Cafe Palmelia.

Betram Brooke was the brother of Sir Charles Vyner Brooke, the 3rd White Rajah of Sarawak. According to Dayang Muda Celia, the Third Rajahship was actually shared on a six-monthly turn between Sir Charles Vyner Brooke and Betram Brooke, with the former on the home affairs in Sarawak and the latter on foreign diplomacy.

During my school days, I missed out on this crucial historical fact. To this, I expressed regret to Dayang Muda Celia.

Describing her trip here from Oct. 30 to Nov. 19 as sentimental, Dayang Muda Celia told me this is her second visit to Sarawak at the invitation of Datuk Amar Leonard Linggi Tun Jugah. The first time she set foot here was about three years ago.

"I love it and I plan to come back for a longer tour," she beamed as she related to me.

Before Dayang Muda Celia departed for airport, I invited her for a group photo, to which she obliged with a wonderful smile.

The picture shows Dayang Muda Celia Margaret Brooke (left) and Melisa North, the Lady in Waiting (right).

The picture shows Dayang Muda Celia with Renang, a staff member of Premier Hotel, before setting off to airport.

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