Friday, November 16, 2007

Allen's first pay

Yesterday, Allen received his first ever hard-earned pay for Oct. 29-31 he worked at Premier Departmental Store.

"Dad, you see, I got it today! It is really great!" Allen couldn't wait to tell me when I fetched him after closing.

He bought some take-away french fries from McDonald's, apparently with his own earnings, to reward himself.

Allen's vacation job drew my memories back to my Monash days when I was on summer vacation in Australia.

After a tough fight at the university's notice board, I cried out with joy to be offered a process-line job in a cushion-making factory.

The work was tough and laborious in an oven-like factory with summer temperature in Melbourne running high to over 40 Celsius. It was killing and I was perspiring all over, making me almost baked after the day!

When I received my first weekly pay, I gripped it tight with mixed feelings.

For the very first time, I realised that there was no easy money in this world.

I hope Allen would come to the same realization after his vacation job! I would deem it his greatest achievement for the vacation if he does!

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