Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Office Politics

X recently was swept into a swirl of office politics. Much disgruntled at the debancle, X straightened it out and managed to get it over. What a sigh of relief, X told me.

What on world is office politics? In short, it is a power struggle in office by coworkers.

An office environment is like a family environment. Coworkers, like family members, may experience rivalry, frustration, a struggle for recognition and a desire to become a leader in the pack.

In the struggle to assert oneself, harsh words and devious deeds may take place.

When a coworker lashes out at you, he acts spitefully not because he is vicious at heart, but because he is scared, insecure, and he feels under attack.

So, your coworkers' criticism says less about you than it does about them.

When you awaken to this fact, it becomes easier to accept others and realize that you've got to learn to get along if you wish to succeed in life.

I am happy that X came out from the swirl wiser and smarter.

X, I wish you all the best!


天鵝江畔 said...

No matter what politics it involve interpersonal relationship, so wherever or whenever there are human being/people gethered together, there might be conflict/problems/politics.It depends how to handle and solve it,

Tony Hii said...

Meng Lei, you are perfectly right. We all have to learn to deal with office politics with tact.