Wednesday, October 31, 2007

All the packed meals now

Yian's confined physical movements have brought about a dramatic change to our daily meal intake - from Yian's superb freshly homecooked dishes to packed foods.
My whole family has to readjust our much-pampered appetite for Yian's culinary skills to just mass-cooked economy foods.
Thank God that we content ourselves with the subprime packed meals pretty fast. We are just not sure for how long the present food-packing has to go on, but judging from the encouraging recovery from fracture, we are optimistic the most testing time might be over.
Foods are provided by God to nourish our bodily needs to keep us moving on. If you hold steadfast to this teaching, then you would fuss much less about what you eat. Foods, after all, are just for you to eat in order to live with the purpose to achieve abundant living according to God's will.
We all miss Yian's culinary skills, but the packed meals equally have God's wonderful blessings!

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