Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Ramadan 2007

Ramadan is an Islamic religious observance that takes place during the ninth month of the Islamic calendar.

It is considered the most venerated and blessed month of the Islamic year during which Muslims are required to fast.

It has long become a tradition for local authorities to zone an open ground for Ramadan food fair.

This year, again, Sibu Municipal Council makes use of a portion of Sibu Town Square to set up Bazar Ramadan 2007.

Bazar Ramadan is a dual-purpose fair: firstly, to facilitate Muslims to buy home-cooked foods for daily berbuka puasa (fast-breaking), and, secondly, to serve as a fair for traditional Malay foods.

I popped over for a quick tour this afternoon. The foods were most tempting and the operators' friendly disposition is very commendable.

Patronizing crowds are not confined to Muslims. Bazar Ramadan attracts all races to sample the Malay foods of a wide variety.

The picture shows the entrance to Bazar Ramadan 2007.

Grilled fish with spicy sauce - this local delicacy is a must for gourmets.
Rati John - the stall owner told me the food originates from KL. The pricing is most affordable at RM2 per bun.
Roti canai - seriously, no Malaysians can afford to miss it out!
Apam - it is loved by all ages, from 3-year old kids to toothless grannies.

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