Monday, September 3, 2007

FHM 2007 - Part 11

Sungai Wang Plaza

Sungai Wang Plaza is by far still the hottest ptoperty in KL despite the competiting malls comimg into play.

It leaves me with a lot of memories, sweet and tender, of my college days.

During my two years at Taylor's College, Sungai Wang was our favourite mall for hanging around during weekends.

The footprints left behind seemingly have not faded with time. When I stepped in the plaza this morning (on August 24), the old-time memories flowed back . The interiors and settings there may have changed over the years, but the memories stay vividly clear.

Again, time has not diluted my sentiment for Sungai Wang. I cherish the times that I spent loitering there and the hours chit-chatting away. But gone are the good times into the sea of memories.

I stopped at Famous Amos to look for some nice cookies for my family. Located on level 1, this island counter offers a wide variety of hand-made cookies, all with very tempting looks. I grabbed some since they are unlikely to be availasble in Sibu.

The picture shows a cup of kopi-o at Old Town Kopitiam on the basement of Low Yat Plaza.

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