Saturday, August 4, 2007

Malaysian Chicken Curry

Curry comes from Tamil kari. In English it desceibes any of a variety of pungent dishes, best

known in South East Asian cuisines. Curry actually has long been adopted into all of the mainstream cuisines of the Asia-Pacific region.

Curry has its roots in India. According to history, it found its way to Malaysian shores via the Indian population. Curry has since become a staple among the Malays and Chinese.
As such, curry dishes are very common menu items in eating-places from roadside stalls to plush restaurants. Your menu would be quite without a local touch if you leave out curry.
When we planned for our new menu a few months back, we couldn't afford not to have its inclusion - this well sought after Malaysian Chicken Curry.
Seriously, I love it from the bottom of my heart. With guests giving thumbs up and describing it as absolutely delicious, I recommend to you this most renowned of all Malaysian curries!
Malaysian Chicken Curry comes with tender chicken morsels and potatoes in spicy curry sauce. Garnished with local vegetables and served with coconut - flavoured rice together with vegetable pickles and papadum, it presents a perfect set for a wonderful meal.
Let Malaysian Chicken Curry tickle your taste bud and I am almost certain you would yummy your meal through! And you find it only at Cafe Palmelia .
The above picture is by courtesy of Peter S.K. Chiew ARPS.

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