Thursday, July 5, 2007

Veils over involvement in gangsterism - Part 3 (final)

Seriously, I am as puzzled about the identities of the suspected political leaders as all others do - for a simple reason that the veils are still tightly clad over the faces.

All kopitiam talks are, at best, wild guessing only. Believe me, only the higher authorities hold the cards - and they keep them high up their sleeves. Wow! What a tricky scenario.

Datuk Christopher Wan Soo Kee, Federal CID Director of Police, flatly denied that the source of BERNAMA's release was from the police. By this very statement, Datuk Wan effectively implied that BERNAMA had its source somewhere else.

Despite intense speculations, BERNAMA as of this date has neither clarified about nor denied the contents of its release on June 25. In other words, it logically follows that the national news agency is satisfied with the credibility of the source of its news release.

So we may safely conclude that both the credibility of the source and the integrity of BERNAMA are beyond doubt.

Then, why are they still veiling the faces of the so-called suspects?

It looks very much like that a power game is going on at the back stage. It would be a game-over scenario once the veils are lifted. Equally possible is that the veils may remain there forever. Let's wait and see.

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