Monday, July 9, 2007

German tourists on a 23-day visit - Part 2

Guiding the tour group from Kuching to Miri is Andyson Sulang, a veteran guide who has been in this line for a whopping long period of 16 years.

Not long, he mused. "I have a lot of satisfaction out of it and I simply love guiding."

On his career planning, Andyson said he would move on with full commitment to contribute his little efforts to the local tourism industry.

After leaving Kuching, the coach took them to Serian for a transitory stop-over where they went for sight-seeing. After that, they proceeded to Sri Aman.

The itinerary had a more exciting programme for the German holiday-makers in Sri Aman, the highlight of which was a night-stay in one Iban longhouse to experience a personal touch of the local culture. They simply loved the longhouse experience.

After they departed Sri Aman, they continued their journey to the next destination - Sibu.

Though tiring, travelling by land is a lot more interesting -you see, you have wonderful opportunities to see more on your way. Country scenery is what air-travellers miss the most. It is precisely for this reason that Andyson's groups are mostly land-travelling.

The picture shows Andyson Sulang at the hotel's reception counter.

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