Wednesday, July 11, 2007

A cowboy town in the making?

It was a bombshell , causing a big stir locally. As the scene was video-shot and uploaded to YouTube for free screening worldwide, to a certain extent, it has now become a scandalous case, internationally.

The whole video scene, lasting for 20 minutes in total, involved three youngsters bashing up another one ( of similar age - from the look of him ), glaringly, on an open ground with no regard to the surroundings. Even more daring was their live video shooting and subsequent uploading to YouTube, as if telling the whole world how cowboyish they were.

I was very much perturbed by the show and it cast a chill over me.

It was just a sheer act - don't be fooled by them, someone told me.

Maybe - but they acted so convincingly real that the whole world fell to their deception - if that was truly the case, then the superstars of tomorrow have been born in Sibu.

If the video show was a real act of fist and violence, then there is cause for deep concern by Police Department and Education Department.

The widely screened bashing might impact youngsters in Sibu with wrongful perception - that the fists overpower all , not the rule of law.

If we let it spread like a disease and get our boys' minds contaminated without curbing, then more and more of our youngsters would likely grow up cowboy-like, believing very much in fist-power.

Are we all prepared to happily let Sibu become a cowboy town in the making?

The picture is the cover of the latest issue of "The Economist", showing George Bush as the world's No. 1 in fist-power. Did the three boys in Sibu copy the President's idea?

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