Thursday, July 19, 2007

Coming far away from Holland

Arriving Sibu for a one-night stay-over on July 15, this group of Dutch tourists is on a 23-day holiday touring the exotic Borneo.

The beauty of Borneo Island has fascinated the outside world. We all grow up here - and naturally the beautiful settings have become so used to us that we might tend to be indifferent to them. In other words, we have developed "colour-blindness" to the uniqueness of our nature and culture.

But to our dear tourists coming from countries like Germany. Holland, etc, there is simply too much to discover here in Borneo. As Sarawak Tourism Board put it some years ago, Borneo is a land of hidden paradise.

This tour group would certainly find their holiday here an eye-opener - taking them to see for themselves and experience personally our natural settings and cultural heritage.

I met up with the tour leader Mr. Koen Jansen together with the tour guide for a short chat before they left for Bintulu.

The picture shows the Dutch tourists in front of Premier Hotel, Sibu

Koen Jansen (left) with the tour guide Andyson Sulang in the hotel's lobby. Together they are going to take the group for a journey of memories.

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