Saturday, July 7, 2007

070707 - a centennial date, an ordinary day

I woke up this morning with my mind preoccupied with 070707 - the number standing for the centennial date (July 7, 2007) that has sent a lot of people worldwide frenzy. Goodness, somehow I got a little bit carried away also.

The media plays up the mania for 070707. In the past weeks, I had been bombarded by the extensive coverage in the local dailies on this so-called once-in-a-century affair, so much so that at one time it got instilled into my mind also.

Worldwide, there are about one million couples choosing to get their knots tied today.

It is perfectly alright to choose this date for their great day, so long as they are happy with it, and, more important still, they have the right motive. Come to think of it, today is just one of the days which, in essence, has no difference from any other days.

All days are God's creations and, therefore, are good days with blessings. If you wish, you may plan for something special with your loved one on 070707, but, please bear in mind, don't get too fanatical about it, believing it is a day of great fortune, simply because 070707 occurs only once in a hundred years. In fact, in God's eyes, everyday is unique in itself.

So, wake up with bright spirit and be thankful everyday.

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Mee Ling said...

Even every minute is unique.