Monday, June 4, 2007

UMNO's inroad into Sarawak-now on high profile

The UMNO's stalwarts in Sarawak who are working to pave the way for the party to come in are on very high profile now. They formed a fleet of vehicles to sweep through the state on a massive membership-drive. It seems that the inroad into Sarawak is heating up.

There is no official confirmation yet. This has added a mask of secrecy to the matter and the market is flooded with rumours.

Something amiss must be going on with strong implication to the state politics. Maybe an invisible hand from the Federal is at work on it. From the openness of the movement, it is reasonable to arrive at that assumption.

The Registrar of Societies in Sarawak is presently mute on the legality of the underground drive. Is there some kind of directives from the higher level?

All Sarawakians can't afford not to follow through!

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